Car park ceiling with electrode sensors installed

Cable Specifications

The specification of the correct cable for the electrodes is essential for the long term performance of the electrodes. The cable insulation must be capable of withstanding the environmental conditions in which the electrodes are placed and also the conditions experienced during construction. The determining factor for the durability and function of the electrodes is often the cable insulation. We supply four types of stock cable as standard options with our electrodes:

  • 1.5mm2high performance double insulated: A blue cable manufactured by Raychem part no. 44A0111.This is used for the LD10 reference electrodes which require a smaller cable.
  • 2.5mm2 blue XLPE/PVC: stranded copper cable. This is the cable most widely used for electrodes embedded in concrete providing good durability against physical and chemical attack.
  • 2.5mm2 blue XLPE/XLPE: stranded copper cable. This complies with the latest European Standard EN12696:2016 for the cathodic protection of reinforced concrete.
  • 0.75mmwhite PVC/PVC: twin core. These cables are used for the combined reference electrodes with the blue inner connected to the reference elctrode and the yellow inner connected to the MMO titanium tube.
  • Rubber sheathed cable: supplied by Lapp Cables product No. H07RN-F. These tough flexible rubber sheathed cables are ideal for wet conditions and are often used for the portable LD200W reference electrode.

Data sheets for the cable specifications are available on request. We can also supply the electrodes with other cable specifications such as PVC/PVC and HMWPE but these will be special orders and may be delayed while the cable is manufactured. As an alternative we are able to supply the silver/silver chloride electrodes without cables attached but calibrated and ready for cable attachment using push fit connectors.

We have three sets of instructions available for download:

Electrode Lgo

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