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Manganese Dioxide Electrode

Castle Electrodes RB15 Manganese Dioxide Reference Electrode

General Description

RB15 Manganese Dioxide Electrode

The Castle RB15 Reference Electrode comprises a manganese oxide core containing an alkaline environment. This is contained in a blue nylatron casing with a cementitious mortar cap. The electrode is conditioned to provide a very stable reference electrical potential. The mortar cap ensures good contact with the parent concrete .

Castle RB15 manganese dioxide reference electrodes are connected to a data logger to monitor readings which may be manually downloaded or transmitted remotely via modem to an external ‘off site’ office. Measurements may also be performed by use of a handheld volt meter with high input impedance (>100 M Ω).

The RB15 reference electrode functions as a solid state electrode (no internal gels) and does not require aggressive materials, for example chloride ions, to function. It can be used in most environmental conditions. The side holes in the monitoring tip ensure good contact with the concrete.


Manganese Dioxide Electrode Cap On


Nominally 100 mm long x 15mm diameter


Nominally +175mV +/-20mV wrt to SCE at 200C


<3mV in 24 hours
Typically less than +/- 10mV in 20 years


Standard cable is XLPE/XLPE blue/blue 2.5mm2.
The electrodes can be supplied without cable tails for attachment on site following the recommmended procedures.

Expected life:

50+ year design life.


Dry and constant temperature (between 5° and 45°C).


Each electrode is calibrated before delivery to site and a calibration certificate issued. It is not feasible to check this calibration on site.

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