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    Castle Electrodes have been manufacturing and supplying reference electrodes to the worldwide construction and corrosion industry since 1994 and are recognised as the leading supplier in this market sector.
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    We supply Reference Electrodes to customers from all over the world including the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, North & South America, North & South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Hong Kong.
    A prompt and competitive service is provided on a worldwide basis.

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    We manufacture and supply, manganese dioxide, silver/silver chloride, seawater, graphite, zinc, MMO, and combined potential current measurement reference electrodes. 

    Reference Electrodes Product Page

We manufacture and deliver a wide range of reference electrodes worldwide.

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Welcome to Castle Electrodes, a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of reference electrodes since 1994.

We have a range of reference electrodes to suit almost any application. We manufacture:

  • Manganese Dioxide Reference Electrodes
  • Silver / Silver chloride Reference Electrodes
  • Seawater Reference Electrodes
  • Graphite Reference Electrodes
  • Combined Potential Reference Electrodes
  • Mixed Metal Oxide Reference Electrodes
  • Zinc Reference Electrodes

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All of which come in different sizes depending on your requirements. For our full range, click here or make a selection from the navigation above

Range of Electrodes

Wide Range

See our whole range of electrodes, sizes and specifications. You may also order via our contact page or by telephone.

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Global Delivery

Global Delivery

We disribute worldwide and have been since 1994. If you require a logistical helping hand simply let us know! Were happy to help.

Check our delivery page for more info.

Delivery Times

Quality Assured

Using high Quality materials the reference electrodes are individually manufactured for clients. Over the years a variety of standard electrodes have been developed to meet the needs of customers.

Quality Standard

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If you require a unique build for your next project or have a specification not shown on our site, then please upload your files to us on our contact page.

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Castle Electrodes

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