Car park ceiling with electrode sensors installed


Molecular structure

Manganese Dioxide Electrode

Superior long life manganese dioxide based reference electrode used to measure steel potentials in reinforced concrete and steel framed buildings. This type of reference electrode has been used in the construction industry for over 25 years with an excellent performance record.

Silver Chloride

Silver/Silver Chloride Electrodes

We have been manufacturing silver/silver chloride/0.5M potassium chloride reference electrodes for over 25 years.
There are there three sizes available to suit most applications in terms of unit size and service life. The larger units can be supplied with or without cable tails. The latter option allows clients to attach their own cables and reduces shipping costs.

Breaking wave & seawater electrode

Silver Chloride Seawater Electrodes

We manufacture a range of silver/silver chloride seawater reference electrodes which can be used to measure exposed steel potentials in a marine environment such as ship's hulls, steel sheet piling and tubular piles. These can be permanently installed or we also supply a weighted portable reference electrode.

Combined potential circuit diagram

Combined Potential/Current Electrodes

These units are unique to Castle Electrodes combining our LD15 or RB15 reference electrode with a mixed metal oxide (MMO) coated titanium sleeve. The MMO titanium unit can be used as a pseudo reference electrode should the LD15/RB15 fail at the end of the service life or it can be used to measure cathodic protection current flow.

Zinc Ingot

Pseudo Reference Electrodes

Pseudo reference electrodes have variable potentials depending on the alkalinity of the concrete, temperature, availability of oxygen etc. Our MMO, Graphite and zine reference electrodes are pseudo reference electrodes.

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