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RB15 Cable Fitting Instructions

Instructions for the cable attachment to the RB15 Manganese Dioxide Reference Electrode

Castle Electrodes can supply the RB15 MnO2 reference electrode without cable, which reduces shipping costs and allows the client to attach project specific cables with the required lengths. By following the procedures set out below a secure and robust connection can be achieved with an IP68 rating.

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Step Procedure Photo Notes
1 Cut the cable to required length and strip both ends to approximately 10mm. Cable length will be defined by the customer.
2 Accurately cut the core of one end to 5mm. RB15-Cable-Attachment2
3 Slide the grey cable gland on to the cable. RB15-Cable-Attachment3 The cable gland supplied is a Lapp Cable skintop ST 7 with a clamping range 2.5-6.5 mm.
4 Splay out the individual strands of the core. RB15-Cable-Attachment4 This stops the cable from being accidently pulled out of the epoxy.
5 Solder the electrode wire to the centre of the splayed out cable wire. RB15-Cable-Attachment5
6 Push soldered joint into electrode body and partially fill with epoxyresin. RB15-Cable-Attachment6 Do not overfillwith epoxy resin or the cable gland will fill with resinwhen it is pushed in to the electrode body.
7 Push the cable gland into epoxy resin and temporarily secure with electrical tape. RB15-Cable-Attachment7 The cable needs to be supported above the electrode body while the resin cures.
8 Once the epoxy resin has cured remove the tape and tighten the cable gland. RB15-Cable-Attachment8 Use two 15mm spanners tohold the gland and tighten the top.
9 Completed RB15 Electrode ready for site installation. RB15-Cable-Attachment9 Remember to remove the black end cap just before installation.

The completed electrode has already been calibrated during manufacture by Castle Electrodes so there is no need to recalibrate after the cable is attached.

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